How I Met the Savior and How He Changed My Life


In 2004 Pastor Bill Lenz wrote a memoir telling his story, from growing up in Little Chute, Wisconsin, to serving in the Coast Guard, and his years of ministry at Christ the Rock. Since then, the manuscript remained safely tucked away.

After Bill’s unexpected passing his family desired to make this unpublished manuscript available to those who knew and loved Bill.

Pastor Bill’s teachings and love for the Savior – who changed his life – continues to live on. This is his story in his words.





Of all the stories shared in Only by Grace the one that is most captivating is the one of the weekend that included a cabin, tv, Bill, and Billy Graham. It’s the story of when Bill met the Savior for the first time. This is the story that he loved to share. Share that story with friends and family with this special pricing!



The Reviews are starting to come in…

This book is AMAZING!  As I anticipated what a book written by Bill Lenz would be like, I imagined chapter after chapter of grand wisdom and “pastor-y” stuff. I was pleasantly surprised to open up to a “story”. An easy read, a detailed description of how Bill grew up and how his life was changed. That’s it. No grandiose philosophical revelations or lessons being preached. Just a story I could relate to. I think anyone reading this book, particularly those who knew Bill or ever  attended CTR, is going to find a little bit of themselves in these pages. 

We’ve all been the confused, angry, rebellious teenager at some point. . . We’ve all felt lost and hopeless at one time or another. I think we have a tendency to put our pastors up on pedestals and hold them to unrealistic expectations sometimes that they can’t possibly measure up to.  And I think this book just illustrates that he was a regular person just like the rest of us. He had struggles like the rest of us. He did bad things, he hurt people, . . . but God changed him, and He can change every one of us too. 

Thank you again for sharing this book. It is a beautiful picture of who Bill was and what made him that way.  -V.J.


Desert Spring

Desert Spring is a new blog by Janet Lenz. Janet shares her stories of working in the desert camps as well as devotionals for daily living.  Visit Desert Spring.



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